About Us

Frada and Lisa teach fun, mind expanding games!

California Brain Games was started by Frada and Lisa, 2 game loving women from Brooklyn who now thrive on enjoying the Bay Area and teaching fun and mind expanding games .

Lisa and Frada California Brain Games

We love to play and excel at teaching brain enhancing games to anyone who wants to have fun, while expanding their social connectivity and their minds.Our culture is immersed in social media and people have lost touch with having fun with each other face to face.Children, adults and seniors all need to connect with each other in person over a shared activity other than eating, drinking and viewing screens. Live communication, including eye contact and body language is critically important to developing healthy relationships. It is an established fact that positive relationships lead to long and fulfilling lives. We teach games that access both the left and right sides of the brain, which helps strengthen memory.

We engage you with
fun games that we have designed
to stimulate both sides of your brain