Our Team

East Bay


I’ve lived in Berkeley, California my whole life and enjoy everything that the Bay Area has to offer. I have a lot of friends and am passionate about spending time outdoors, swimming and running. Other hobbies of mine include gardening, writing poetry and playing with my cat, Felix. I have 2 amazing daughters. One is studying nursing and the other is about to graduate high school.

I was a certified preschool teacher for 30 years and was the Director of Sprouts Preschool in Berkeley for 8 years. Now I enjoy taking care of children after school and engaging Seniors with Brain Games, Trivia and Drumming.

East Bay


I am a transplanted New Yorker currently living in Oakland, CA. I moved to California in 1984 to be in commuting distance to Silicon Valley. I retired from the Tech world 31 years later, became a waitress in a local restaurant, a writer, a family caregiver, and opened my own business to help the disabled community get the services they need and want.

Every morning before I get out of bed, I spend an hour doing puzzles and playing games online. When my parents were in a nursing home, they always enjoyed listening to music and playing games. Now I lead Brain Games and make people’s lives more fun.



I’ve grown up with music, art, and creativity throughout my life. I love to sing and play piano, guitar, ukulele, clarinet, and more. I studied at Columbia College for my Bachelor of Music. I’m a certified therapeutic musician, trained in using the harp as healing modality in hospitals and care centers. I’ve been a classroom music teacher and a private music educator for over ten years. I have a career in music as a singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. I love to read, to see live music and art, to spend time in nature, to cook and to be with family and loved ones. I love animals and the ocean, and to always be learning about myself and growing. I love to bring mindfulness, kindness, compassion, and a big heart to all of my work and play.

Being on the California Brain Games team brings me so much joy and gratitude. Working with seniors fills my heart. I want to make a difference in the day of someone who needs it, everyday. I want to help empower others to feel strong in their minds and selves, no matter their age or ability.

East Bay


I am an autodidact with an appetite for knowledge. I have worked with seniors off-and-on in various capacities for over 2 decades, and have enjoyed the mindfulness that comes with that territory.

In having a passion for reading about anthropology and attending live theatre and musical performances, I enjoy sharing my experiences and listening to seniors share theirs as well.

Being a native of California, I am keenly aware of the geography and beauty of the state, and I like bringing this element into the Brain Games content we provide. Sharing about road trips and traveling can often bring smiles to seniors who might become reminded of good memories.

Having a long career as an independent housepainter provides me with a large ‘suitcase’ of stories that many can relate to whether they have been homeowners or apartment dwellers. Adding a few light stretches in a session, I’d like to think that I bring a joyful attitude to offer seniors that will lift spirits and might spark short-term memory.

Let’s do this! ?

Southern California


Melissa Panages our In House Artist brings a load of fun and crafty ideas to California Brain Games. She is from Marin County and loves the natural life in the redwood trees. She went off to UC Berkeley to earn 2 degrees in fine art; a BA and an MA.

Her grandmother taught her how to care for the elderly which she did diligently. She an experienced care taker and knows how to make anyone feel happy and glad.

Enthusiastic is Melissa’s middle name!

Melissa lives 1/2 the year in Hollywood / Burbank and will represents California Brain Games in Southern California.




My background is in Psychology and Law, but I have a lot of other different interests! I love anything that has to do with art, including singing, dancing, and creating. I am a former activities director, but decided to pursue a career as an attorney. I am excited to work with the California Brain Games because engaging with seniors is something that I love to do, I have been working with seniors for almost four years!

Being on the California Brain Games team gives me the unique opportunity to work with many seniors around the Bay Area, rather than just with one community. I am so excited to meet new people and bring joy to their day! Hope to see you soon!

San Francisco


Born and raised in Nova Scotia, I’ve been in San Francisco for close to 30 years and I really feel like a Californian!

I’ve always felt a connection with the elders in my family and community. When I was a reporter in a rural area my favourite job was to interview older locals about growing up with little and yet having a real sense of community and belonging.

My Mom had dementia, so I learned how to fend it off with mental exercises. That’s why I love the idea of helping seniors keep their minds sharp. I enjoy California Brain Game’s sessions to bring some fun to the lives of the people who helped create the world we’ve inherited.

Louisville, Kentucky


I am a native Kentuckian and love it here. I enjoy helping people of all ages, especially seniors by stimulating their minds and drawing from past happy memories to bring joy into their daily lives.

I have a big heart and my passion is to nourish their minds. It brings lots of joy to my daily life to do so. My family is grown, but I have a special needs son who I love and attend to, which helps me to understand the needs of others.

I enjoy all types of games and even flew out to California to be fully trained by the owners of California Brain Games. Helping seniors smile makes me smile inside, so I hope I can make you smile too

St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park Florida

Anne Marie

I have my Masters Degree in education and taught art to Pre-K thru 12th grade. Now I enjoy spending time with Seniors and playing Brain Games with them, including my Dad who is in his 90’s.

After raising 2 sons I now have fun with my 3 grandchildren who call me Grannie Annie. I am a practicing artist and active member of the Gulf Coast Artist Alliance. My mediums are painting and jewelry making.

Let’s have some fun together while strengthening our short term memory and concentration!

San Francisco


I’m experienced in being with seniors one to one as a registered home health aide. Now I am expanding my horizons by bringing fun intellectual stimulation to whole groups of seniors by playing California Brain Games’ brain games at assisted living residences all over San Francisco.

For fun I ride my scooter or run around San Francisco; and have picnics with my friends in Golden Gate and Dolores Parks. I also love to read; especially non-fiction, SCI-FI and biographies.

My Bachelors Degree is in Business Administration and besides playing brain games for California Brain Games I do online marketing.

San Francisco


I was born in San Francisco and still feel this is paradise.
I am a loving grandmother of a 7 year old boy, who is the apple of my eye.
I enjoy helping all people; especially seniors, and my mom smile and laugh a lot.
I recently started a non-profit to help the homeless have a home called “The Deshaw House”.
Meanwhile I want to put many smiles on seniors faces, which is why I am part of California Brain Games. I love playing games with them.
Come join one of my classes and smile and laugh with us.



For the past six years I was a live-in caregiver in San Jose for a wonderful loving couple. After 72 years of marriage they passed away four days apart from each other. I found helping them inspiring, and want to continue engaging with seniors.

I joined California game girls to bring smiles, laughter and joy to all.

Going to senior residences and adult day cares to play the brain games that California Game GIrls has developed is something I look forward to

East Bay


I am a happy student studying Finance at American University in DC and want to spread joy and connection to seniors.

I grew up in Oakland and have had great experiences in the community as a Field Canvasser and Camp Counselor. Also, I lived in Chile for 3 years so I am fluent in Spanish!

I enjoy making people smile and laugh, which is why I am leading brain games sessions for California Brain Games now.

Let me make your day a better one.

San Jose


I have always enjoyed people and now I’m spreading my joy of playing games by being a California Game Girl. I also have a love for animals and own some wonderful large parrots.

For all of my life I’ve been a professional photographer and have had fun with many exciting shoots including a robotics competition for NASA, the Giants, and 49ers plus hundreds of weddings and bar mitzvahs.

I love capturing smiles and I look forward to each day of my teaching brain games to seniors.



How better to give back to the Bay Area senior community than to join CA Game Girls to help older adults stimulate their brains through fun games?

In my own family Friday night was always “Game Night” and now it’s the same in my children’s families. I’m a seniors real estate specialist on the Peninsula and when l looked for a way to give back, I serendipitously met CA Game Girls and found the perfect fit.

My daily experience with transitioning boomers and seniors is the compassionate background I bring in helping­ elders stimulate their memories and bring a bit of joy to their lives. What a reward to watch their eyes light up and their smiles glow!



I was born in El Salvador and came to this wonderful country as a teenager.

Although I learned computer programming in school, I am more of a people person. I love helping Seniors and making them smile which is why I joined California Brain Games. I met Frada and Lisa because they needed some help and when they told me about playing brain games with Seniors I wanted to be part of the team.

It makes my day helping people and especially making them smile and laugh which gives me such a wonderful feeling inside.

Let’s laugh and smile together.

Tri-Valley/Contra Costa Co.



Bubbly Cheryl has a lot of fun bringing joy to seniors by playing brain games with them. She grew up playing games with her family and continues to play games with groups of friends – she is a natural games instructor.

Cheryl worked in the medical device industry for 20 years and most recently new homes sales.

In her free time, Cheryl loves to walk, play games and spend time with her circle of friends.

East Bay

Kris Lazzara


I have monthly Game Nights with friends in my home and have discovered that playing games brings people of all ages together.

My work experience is people oriented – sales, training sales people, marketing small businesses, planning grand opening events, fundraising for foster youth programs, jump starting a community “social and support” organization for mothers of young children which became the template for 45 additional spin-off mothers clubs in the Bay Area. I practiced “it takes a village” way before it was a catch phrase.

I am a personable and fun California Game Girl ready to get your group participating.

East Bay


I have enjoyed living and traveling around the world and find it fascinating to communicate with people of all ages and from different cultures.

I loved teaching fourth graders and working with parents for whom English was a second language. Now it is gratifying to interact with seniors while we play brain enhancing games. My communication skills and teaching background are serving me well.

East Bay

vince and terri

Vince & Terri

We are a great team! We love our senior community and we’ve been spreading joys and warming the hearts of seniors at Christmas for the past 25+ years. We’re excited to bring this mind enhancing exercise program to those who will benefit the most.

I’m Terri. I have a big heart and I’ve been involved with Seniors for many years. I see this program as revitalizing and nourishing for the minds of our elderly. I am thrilled to be part of the adventure.

I’m Vince, a fun loving guy and I love to teach and give back to the world. What better way to fulfill a part of that than by joining California Brain Games! Looking forward to creating smiles for the elders.




I am a Northern California Girl from Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.
I joined California Games girls to continue my passion for teaching and helping others. California Brain Games offers strong mind expanding games. I am so excited to be teaching and having fun with seniors. Life is about being alive, making friends and sharing your life by having access to memories.

Let’s Play Games having Fun together

Teaching and Community Programs; Water safety Instructor (WSI), Art Education CSUS, Continued Education Appraiser Courses, Secondary Education courses inspection in Real estate.




I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have loved it my whole life. I thrive on making people smile. I have always loved working with the senior community and find them heartwarming and fascinating to be around. I grew up playing games with my Mom and Grandma, so I’ve found the perfect fit with California game girls because it fulfills my passion for doing something that is both stimulating and emotionally rewarding.

San Jose



I was born and raised in India and am now a resident of San Jose. Along with my degree in Psychology, I bring with me a decade of customer service experience. I am excited to join the fun California Brain Games team so I can apply my knowledge and prior work experience, while giving back to the Bay Area senior community. I strongly feel the brain enhancing games not only help to stimulate both sides of senior’s brains but also help them to find a healthy self perception and boosts their confidence levels. Being a California Game Girl is rewarding as I watch senior’s eyes sparkle and their faces beam, while they revisit and share their favorite childhood memory!


I am an energetic, creative, fun loving teacher. Since I am a senior I can easily relate to and enjoy the senior population. I am a world traveler, the author of the book "Bad Girls of the Silver Screen" and taught Film History at UCLA. Now that Covid restrictions are lifting and we are fully vaccinated I am excited to lead California Brain Games sessions and be the first to introduce the innovative fun brain games California Brain Games have developed to the senior community in Chicago.


I am an energetic, creative, fun loving teacher. Since I am a senior I can easily relate to and enjoy the senior population. I am a world traveler, the author of the book “Bad Girls of the Silver Screen” and taught Film History at UCLA.

Now that Covid restrictions are lifting and we are fully vaccinated I am excited to lead California Brain Games sessions and be the first to introduce the innovative fun brain games California Brain Games have developed to the senior community in Chicago.

Sales & Marketing Operations
San Jose



My background is in business development and sales technology in the Media industry. Now I am the proud Mom of 2 and am enjoying the challenges and rewards of working with the California Brain Games team on streamlining their communications and marketing systems. This role is a perfect fit for me since I have my Masters Degree in Psychology and I am passionate about connecting with people from different walks of life. Besides my family; I love traveling, dancing and food!

My role with California Brain Games has expanded and I am now playing our Brain Games at senior communities in San Jose.

Service Dogs

Luna & Angel

Luna is a rescue puppy from the East Bay, who has been trained to be a service dog. She has spent a lot of time with the elderly and loves to make people happy. Her favorite things to do is go for walks, play fetch, and cuddle.

Angel is a 10 year old service dog, first for Children with Cancer and now for California Brain Games.
She loves everyone and plays in the room like a walk around comedian and really enjoys evoking smiles. Angel loves to get dressed up and does a great fashion show.