Hiring Brain Games Teachers

California Brain Games LLC, is looking for mature, caring people who enjoy being with seniors, feel comfortable talking to groups and who have a positive/upbeat attitude. We will train you to teach the brain games we have developed for seniors to activate both sides of their brains.

  • There is no outlay of cash to you. We provide you with a bag of games, T-shirts to wear, a muppet puppet, helpful newsletters and oodles of support.
  • Training is unpaid and you must sign a non-compete form first. We want to make sure you are comfortable in your role, so you will attend 4 brain games sessions and then we will observe you leading a session. After those first five sessions you will be ready to be on your own, you will start submitting job done forms and we will Zelle pay you right away.
  • The only administrative task you have is to submit online to us a simple job done form within 48 hours of your Brain Games Session. Upon receiving the form you will be paid directly into your account via Zelle. You are an independent contractor, so we will give you a W9 and at the end of the year a 1099 to submit to the IRS.
  • As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own health insurance and taxes.
  • We do not reimburse for transportation, so your territory will include senior communities that are convenient for you – typically within an 8 mile radius of your home. If we ask you to travel more than 10 miles from your home to the location, we will reimburse you for gas.
  • We offer two different compensation plans based on whether you teach existing house accounts or new accounts that you have introduced to California Brain Games.
    • 1) House Accounts are paid at $35 per session.
    • 2) New accounts that you bring in are paid at $50 per session.

When you open an area in another state we will get you started with 1 to 2 accounts starting at $50, providing that you give us a list of senior places in your immediate area.

When you have too many accounts and need to bring in new team members, each person will start at $35, and you will always receive $10 for each session they teach, IF you brought in that person.

If we recruit the additional teacher then there is no compensation to you for sessions they teach.

We are not a pyramid system, this is a simple two tier system.

We all work together toward one goal, which is to brighten the lives of seniors.

You can teach as many sessions as your schedule allows, as few as 1 a week or as many as you wish.

Email Frada & Lisa at CAGameGirls@gmail.com or text/call Lisa at 925-212-4642 or call our office landline at 650-595-2227.

Excellent opportunity for retired school teachers, nurses, stay at home parents, or anyone who enjoys being with seniors.

Brain Game sessions are usually one hour long, which does not include commute time.